Theme rejected as probable duplicate


Today, I submitted a new theme and got the following email:

"Thanks for submitting your Theme, Bright Ice Blue.

Unfortunately, we cannot add your Theme to the gallery because of the following reason:
Duplicate Submission
Probable Duplicate Submission

We appreciate your involvement in the Theme community and encourage you to create another design that fits our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or want more information, please stop by the forum at and tell us what’s on your mind.

Best Wishes,
The AMO Team"

I understand why it might seem like my theme is probably a duplicate since it’s a simple solid color, but I searched the Add-ons site with the terms “bright blue”, “solid blue”, “light blue”, “ice blue”, “solid cyan”, and “cyan”, and went up to page 8 or page 9 with each query, and didn’t find anything substantially similar to the theme I submitted. Either it was a visibly different shade, visibly different color (i.e. more or less biased towards cyan), or not solid. The closest I found is, which is still a different color (more cyan than mine), visibly more saturated/less light, and a gradient. If there is a theme out there that’s just like mine, I would like to know what it is and how I can find it, because I haven’t found it yet. Otherwise, is it possible for my theme to be reviewed again?

If my theme is considered too similar to an existing one, of course I am willing to modify it and give another try. But, I guess I feel like I should ask for another review because in the past, when I submitted a solid color theme and was rejected, I was given a specific theme my theme was considered too close to, but this time I wasn’t.


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Certainly, thank you for your collaboration!!
Submit the theme again and it will be approved


Thank you! Theme resubmitted :slight_smile: