Theme Rejection without documenting reason


I would Luv to hear the reason why this theme was rejected by Candelora today.
This is a single frame shot from a new video on the National Parks web site, so it is impossible to be a duplicate. I can’t find any issues with quality, , color, blurring, stretching, inappropriate, are anything else by that fact.
I’m guessing it is something personal with the artist since I could not locate any posting by her concerning the reason for doing a rejection. Wouldn’t be the first time it has happen, Right “C”!

(❤️) #2

Sometimes, rarely, subjected themes arriving completely blank, ie without preview for transmission problems, despite being ok … but the reviewer has no tools to understand if it’s a technical error or not and then he can only reject, unfortunately having a format previously established with a few explanations.
This has happened with your theme, then try to submit it again …

(Pamela Rosensteel) #3

I can attest to what candelora has stated. We don’t know why it happens but sometimes designs just will not display for us to review them. It doesn’t happen a lot (at least not that I’ve noticed), but when it does we have no other option but to reject it under the reason: Low-quality, stretched, or blank image.
Because in essence, it is appearing blank to us. And unfortunately, we don’t have the option of explaining further to the designer what the issue was that caused us to reject the image.

(Alwyn2) #4

I have just had a theme rejected by “Candelora”, and I have no idea why. It took me several hours of effort and this is extremely annoying. Quite frankly I don’t know why themes have to be approved by anyone. I want to customise my Firefox for myself. I’m frankly not interested in whether anyone else wants to use my theme or can even see it. It’s like someone telling me that my personal wallpaper has been rejected. Damn cheek! This approval process, and sharing requirement, is a major handicap to Themes. I would like a private app, that allows me to create and change themes without the unwanted need to get my personal themes approved or disapproved by people I don’t know, who live in other countries, and reject things for reasons they will not disclose. Is there a better piece of software that will allow me to customise my Firefox without all this unwanted palaver? It just creates bad feeling for no good reason. I have no need to share my Desktop Wallpaper, why should I be forced to share my Browser Theme (and be insulted by some unknown person who rejects it)? Is there some other application or software that will do what I want it to do?

(Caitlin Neiman) #5

Hi @alwyn2! I completely understand wanting to create a theme for your own personal enjoyment. You can do that by installing the extension Personas Plus. Once it is installed in your browser, you can use it to apply your theme (and change it out) without having to go through the approval process.

(Alwyn2) #6

Hi Caitlin,
Thanks for this: yes, it works! Hurrah! Years ago I used an app from Webshots, but it began to install over-active cookies and advertisements so it had to go. This seems very straightforward. Thank you!