Themes on Thunderbird?

I have been asked by several users asking why themes won’t work on the new Thunderbird. I haven’t know what to tell them so am hoping someone can let me know so I can post both on my blog and and on reviews. Thank you!

The easiest way to install themes in Thunderbird is to open the Add-ons Manager and then use the search bar or the other navigation options to go through the themes available on It should still work.

It’s easier to install them through Thunderbird than to try to download them using a browser and then installing them manually.

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Thanks, Jorge…I will post the instructions on my blog. It is a tad more involved than the way it used to be…but this works.

It’s saying that I only have 8 themes compatible with Thunderbird. How can I make the others compatible? And do you happen to know why only certain ones are compatible?

The Firefox and Thunderbird sites split up a while ago, so no new themes will appear on the Thunderbird site unless you submit them there too. I suggest you look at the Developer Hub in the Thunderbird site to see if you have themes that appear as incompatible.

Oh, okay. Thank you very much.

I have been working on trying to submit a theme to Thunderbird and having a terrible time! It is way too complicated. It will pass all the tests and still not accepted. Can’t it be made a bit easier to submit them?

Jorge. Is there some way to browse only the currently accepted themes that are compatible with ver 68? I’ve been trying for an hour to find one that works in the “suddenly updated this morning” Thunderbird. All the addon themes say “not compatible.” Please just display what is compatible so I don’t have to search through dozens of pages. This is what my email looks like right now and I am not happy. I need to get things done and this is a distraction. thunderbird theme

I suggest you ask in the Thunderbird section of this forum. We generally only work on Firefox.

I’m sorry. I searched Thunderbird Themes and this is the page that came up with a thread. Perhaps it should be deleted if this isn’t topical to Mozilla Thunderbird. Seems like the Mozilla structure is no longer structured for help forums for users.

I, too am having a hard time finding the page and when I did it wouldn’t let me log in. It supposedly sent me a link to my email…but it didn’t, even after I added the address to my address book. Didn’t go in spam or anywhere. I am totally getting discouraged about this process!