Themes wider than 3000 pixels


This is probably more technical question. In the theme requirements page it is stated that header image ‘should be’ 3000x200 pixels. This is fine for majority of users, but for people who own wider monitors, like 3.4k, 4k and 5k, it means that header image is being cut off, often abruptly revealing different coloured background, beside looking ugly, often rendering text unreadable. So I have two questions:

  • Is this requirement mandatory (there is no ‘must be’), so themes with wider headers will be rejected?
  • Is there planned change, so additional header, gradient or simply ‘throwing’ left-most pixels from the header right could be defined in place of the ugly hole?

(Jorge) #3

The requirement is mandatory, yes. There are plans to change the way themes work, which will probably address this particular case, but they’re longer term (6 months or more away).

(Jango17) #4

From what I can see, 3000 pixels limit is obsolete. Many of today’s screens is way wider. When will this be even addressed? From what I can tell, the latest topic was from a year ago.

(Jorge) #5

Support for the new type of themes should be implemented early next year.