Thing builder -- a webthings based project


I’d like to submit for comment the project I am working on. It is called m2ag.labs thing builder. It is kind of a rapid application development app for IoT on the Raspberry PI. Currently thing properties are supported. The project provides a way to quickly and consistently make devices available for use by gateways and automation systems.

Features are:
Privacy first – after configuration no connection to the cloud is needed.
SSL security is supported (and recommended) with JWT controlled thing access.
Uses the webthings-python framework patched to to support JWT
Provides a management app for your device.

The installer is at

An install walk though is at

A video that walks through config and connecting to gateway is

A little info is at the wiki

I’m afraid the framework is not very well documented yet, but I am working on it. I’d be glad to answer any questions concerning its use. The prepackaged things currently are the ones I have been using, but adding new things is possible.