This is so stupid!

When you are in china,you can’t use any service offered by Google.No doubt,reCAPTCHA is included.So as a result,it’s hard to just become a add-ons developer. :-<

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The red text means you must finish reCaPTCHA before you submit.

There’s a related issue filed here:

reCAPTCHA works well throughout most of the world, and we need it to stop spammers. If you know a good alternative that works in China, please comment on the issue and we may consider adding it.

I also think Firefox is constantly killing,Do I have to download a VPN to submit a plugin?
Firefox is getting more and more like chrome, choosing chrome is better than choosing chrome-like

A change was recently made that might have fixed this issue for China: If someone on this thread can give it a try and confirm that it works in China, that would be greatly appreciated.