Thread: Add-ons not working due to certificate expiration

For the 1st time in 13 years since I started using FF, I find myself again with the same stupid IE wearing FF theme this time! THIS IS NOT Firefox and Mozilla as used to be… THIS IS Microsoft and IE… :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yay firefox add ons working again ty guys

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how did you get them to work? all mine just up and went POOF about 20 minutes ago when i reset my computer. Now all my protection add-ons are disabled, just when i was trying to look for and download a new program. I am getting all the same messages of corrupted or invalid files, and my internet certainly works so its not that… I only have Explorer buried somewhere on here, and with firefox disabled like this, I hate to have to dig it out…

I have a computer which I have not used since Friday so I guess the Firefox on that one should be good. Question: if I turn on that computer and open Firefox now, will I lose all my add-ons?

@nkyinla you can also ask the wayback machine to archive a site and then link to it at that timestamp: advantage is that it’s available for everyone that has your paper (without any additional files and cluttering)

“save page now”

the hostility in this thread is cancer
watch your mouths folks :zipper_mouth_face:

I get it you’re angry but it feels like you’re just looking for excuses to leave Mozilla now.
not only you are affected but the devs, too
everyone is affected

this was an honest mistake that the developers failed to anticipate. therefore the explanations within Firefox aren’t accurately describing the actual error.

stay patient this will be resolved. likely also for older versions it just takes some time.

in the mean time you obviously can switch to Chrome or whatever or change your system time, just calm down everyone
peace, I’m :mobile_phone_off:


@gregtorn “collect and study private data”
where did you pick that up? :neutral_face:

the studies are just simple tests for some new features. as an example DNS over https

they ship the feature and test in the background whether the connection to such a DNS server works.

none of your data is touched or delivered to Firefox.
also: you can disable the studies thing again (in-case you still don’t trust it) once the permanent fix is out

If you don’t trust Mozilla with studies, then I’m wondering why you trust Firefox? there’s not much of a difference here, it’s still just code by the same people

@gregtorn here you can read an article about that particular study, Mozilla is very transparent and elaborate about everything:

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Hi, on my Linux, Firefox (66.0.3) is not affected. Why?
And why installing a study and not have a full install?

This is terrible. Everything is gone. My favorite Fox is very upset

@Djfe, thanks! That’s a great tip. I use Wayback quite a bit and didn’t know that was available.

remain calm, o disenfranchised populace !

normal services shall be resumed shortly

really, it’s educational to see the traumatic responses of the e-generation when subjected to a brief outage, as if the world has been destroyed

it’s a browser, people… a usually great and reliable browser, but currently it’s having a hiccup

your lives will not be permanantly ruined… don’t go hyperventilating and gestating ptsd on the back of a transient outage

breathe in, breathe out; it will be better soon


For Android users:
According to the github bug report (#19):

the problem can be bypassed by setting
to “false”.
I’ve tried it and it works for me.

In the absence of any workaround for android users:
Why is this not proposed as a (temporary) workaround by mozilla?
As long as auto updates for addons is deactivated and no new addons installed, this should not pose any risks for users, correct?

Update to my above post:
this workaround does no longer work.

No they still show the same error message

stop bullshitting us, ty :wink:
this was @g00gleconsumer

by us I meant the forum, I’m not a dev
(just for clarification)

How much longer? This is nuts.
Nothing is working now. No add-ons , and even my subscriptions for Premium station, HBO, Starz.
I hv had to move on to another browser to watch my shows and use addOns. The real bummer is that I hv most of my Bookmarks on FireFox. However I can transfer.

I enabled ‘Studies’ and then Add Ons and Themes returned within minutes…Thank goodness !
Even at the best of times though, Firefox tends to be a ‘Net Nanny’ and can stop you using Add Ons that are not signed etc, even though you have been using them happily for 10 years or more …Should just let the user decide !

Mozilla…what happened to you? You were cool once!
Why do you keep f-ing up all the time!?

The desaster with your forced pocket-installations. Integrating Cliqz. Coercing people into creating Firefox accounts to sync settings and bookmarks, by telling them their profiles won’t work AFTER an update.
Now you ship my DNS-Requests to Cloudflare, because you need to participate in this hipster-crap, that calls DNS via JSON and … forgot … that certificates need to be renewed once in a while. Did you switch to LetsEncrypt or something?

Now here’s my real problem: I can’t activate studies. The checkbox won’t stay checked. So how long will it take for me to receive your “hotfix”?

P.S. When you activate link-tracking with ping by default, will you AT LEAST give us an option to turn it off?

dunno about ping, but it doesn’t matter
you can do workarounds (even without js, see Google search currently)

DoH is not hipster, it’s useful for several reasons, json was just chosen, because it was convenient.
I bet people would’ve flamed more if it was xml haha

About studies: maybe contact Firefox support or open a ticket on bugzilla (sounds like a bug).
maybe refreshing Firefox by resetting your settings would fix it, but it would also reset all settings (so not a good solution)

or just wait for the permanent fix, if you’re lazy

what happened to Mozilla? it grew up. (feature-wise. which means it’s larger which means it’s more complex)
but it has trouble keeping up with Google, since Google is the larger company

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