Thunderbird 91 rollout started already?

My Thunderbird 78 just upgraded today to 91, but it’s too soon. The release calendar says it should be out in November, right? Same as Firefox 91.3 ESR.

It says:

Thunderbird tracks the ESR schedule

There is a dual track of 78 and 91, starting with 78.13 and 91.0. The
transition where version 78 users start moving to 91 does not happen at
the very end of that period, it happens at some point during that
period. And that transition has begun. So no, it is not too soon.

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Thanks for the info.
I need to update some of my addons so I was worried everyone is being already updated. But I see 91 is already default download for the new users so I guess I better start working on those updates :slight_smile:.

In the last 3-5 months have you gotten emails/announcements describing
the release and compatibility to add-on authors?

Actually our expectation is that add-on authors would have begun their
update process during 91 beta which was in July, and have their
compatible add-ons ready when 91.0 shipped, which was mid-August.

You should be getting this type of info.

I don’t remember any emails about addons in Thunderbird at all and I can’t find anything like that in my inbox.

So you are saying that all addon developers should get automatically several emails about the new Thunderbird release? That sounds great :slight_smile:. Where can I subscribe?

Anyway, maybe it would be worth mentioning it in the Mozilla blog:
I would for sure noticed it there.

EDIT: This is my notification section, so I should be getting those emails… maybe in spam? :frowning:


@ juraj.masiar is the wrong platform for us. Thunderbird has its add-on developer mailing lists on

I use this list also to do general announcements. (Note: There are more lists than just the add-on developer list).

For the add-on update notifications, I use the add-on review system to notify add-on developers, if their add-on looks incompatible with TB91. What add-ons do you maintain? I could look if I notified you.

The current state of add-ons is shown in this report:

All add-ons listed there have been notified.

But at the Developer Hub you show recent articles from the blog in the “Developer News” section. So should replace it with correct feed if this one is out of your hand.

All of my addons are WebExtensions, so there are no “legacy” compatibility issues. There are only some new bugs introduced over the year that needs to be addressed.