Thunderbird Beta on Windows 10.0.10586

(Paul) #1

I have this odd bug on Thunderbird Beta only :
A first windows load but if I click on an action (like chat, address book or others if I’m using my previous profile as a mailbox) parts of the window disappear, they can for the most part reappear if I’m clicking on a blank part of the app (as disappeared parts are invisible and clicking on them is like clicking on the application behind it) but if I’m then passing over any action button the whole app will hide, minus the action hovered (floating in the midst of the application behind it).
I have no idea on how to debug this but would totally help as I love this software.
My Windows 10 version is pretty old but I can’t upgrade it.

(Matt Harris) #2

Try toggling the use hardware acceleration option in Options > advanced > general. Issues with drawing and artefacts are often associated with the setting, which really has no correct setting. It depends on the hardware and the driver versions really.

(Paul) #3

Thanks for the tip, however is there a way of toggling that on the command line or by editing the about:config file directly without launching the app ? (Because I can’t access anything on it)

(Vseerror) #4

Does starting in safe mode help?

(Paul) #5

It doesn’t and even make things worse (like only showing a small-width vertical white bar at the left of the screen without any option to interact) Is there a way to edit the about:config from a text editor ?

(Vseerror) #6


Yes. The file is prefs.js

(Paul) #7

Ok, thanks. I tried to edit my profile prefs.js file adding at the end those two lines:

user_pref("layers.acceleration.disabled", true);
user_pref("gfx.direct2d.disabled", true);

But when I tried to launch Thunderbird then those two lines disappeared!
Any idea ?

(Vseerror) #8

did you edit the file with Thunderbird not running?

(Paul) #9

Exactly, I then saved the file, launched Thunderbird and the line were removed after the application started.

(Paul) #10

I’ll try to edit user.js with the same commands, I guess pref.js is the Thunderbird default configuration file

(Paul) #11

So I created a user.js file in my profile (located in Roaming) and launched Thunderbird but to no avail. Any other idea ?

(Vseerror) #12

@paul2 any progression in these 2+ months?