Thunderbird : bug in default smtp instead of choosen smtp


it happened twice :
the first time few years ago, when sending a mail from a attt a doooot com, with others b attt b doooot com and c attt c doooot com in parallel
every emails, even with another address choosen, were sent with c attt c doooot com, without respecting the latest compositing windows email account selection

the only solution was to reset the profile.

today, I get almost the same :
I have several different address within my thunderbird.
eg 5 email addresses from 2 different ISP
however, when writing an email, defaut is a attt a doooot com ; I then choose to send it with b attt b doooot com ; however a attt a doooot com is in the default general smtp parameters, the default one.
when I write a mail, I consider, in the top of the window, the email account to send it coud be b attt b doooot com, where after a certain period of time (few weeks or months) with that profile, ALL mails are sent with the “general smtp default profile”, instead of the one I choose with the compositing window.
that meanss, in others words, that if I write a new mail, by default thund proposes me to send it with a attt a doooot com ; well, nice idea, but that time I want to send it with b attt b doooot com, so I change it by choosing directly in the top options withing the compositing window (email account selected)
well, I got an error saying me “error of smtp : message couldnt be sent with a attt a doooot com” even if I manually selected b attt b doooot com !

that means, in others words, that the “general default smtp account/server” overrides the compositing email window account selected. For me, it’s not a feature, it’s well a bug, I tried to explain there, with a very nice pic :

where netc(mailo) is the choosen email provider I selected to send the email, but thundie decides in contrary to just keep in mind the “default general smtp account” (on screenshot, infomaniak, not the same provider as netc/mailo) instead of the last one I chosen!

how could I fix it without resetting/wiping the profile, from scratch?

I thank you vm!

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