Thunderbird Council Elections 2019 - Preliminary Electoral Roll

(reposted for Patrick)

Hello Mozillians and friends of Thunderbird,

The next Thunderbird Council election is coming up. As in previous years, people eligible to vote and to stand as candidates need to be on an electoral roll. Contributors are eligible to be an elector if they have contributed 10 or more hours per year of involvement in the Thunderbird project. To illustrate this, if a contributor first became involved three years ago then the expected contribution is at least 30 hours, if two years ago then at least 20 hours, and if one year ago or less then at least 10 hours. Contributors may self-nominate, and on request must submit examples that illustrate their level of involvement.

Contribution can be any of the following:

  • triaging bugs;
  • fixing, or reviewing code changes;
  • providing support on SUMO or other forums;
  • localizing Thunderbird, related websites, or extensions;
  • testing, writing, or reviewing add-ons;
  • furthering the Thunderbird cause by constructive contributions to tb-planning; or public relations, including writing blog posts, posting on social media, artwork, etc.

People working for Mozilla who dedicate time to Thunderbird are also eligible.

This simple rule will spare us any complicated metric, such as “x number of patches submitted”, “x bugs submitted” or “x SUMO comments written”, etc. If we have missed a group of contributors, or if you are unsure if your contribution qualifies, please reach out to the Council, or me personally (

Since we already know the people who are dedicating time, their most precious asset, to Thunderbird, we have prepared a preliminary electoral roll based on previous years. This is available at Note that new additions have the year they were added in parentheses after their names, e.g. “(2019)”.

We ask voters who were previously added to the electoral roll to check for themselves whether they still fulfill the criteria mentioned above and inform us know if are no longer contributing to the Thunderbird project at the required level.

To reiterate, people who are not on the preliminary electoral roll can contact the Council or me and ask to be included, mentioning their contribution. The idea is not to make it hard to be on the electoral roll.

In general, the election process will work as in past years, follow-up emails will include more instructions on the exact timeline, but you will have until Wednesday, February 20, 2019 to be added to the electoral roll.


Patrick Cloke

Thunderbird Council member