Thunderbird dictionary installed, but not showing up in spellcheck dropdown

I downloaded the dictionary (not the language pack!) as an .xpi file from here: and installed it by using Install Addon from File in the small gear menu in the addons manager. The dictionary is showing up in my installed Extensions.
The problem is that I still cannot choose German as a language for spell checking, neither when composing a new mail, nor under Tools -> Options -> Composition -> Spelling. I tried it with several dictionaries, same result. How can I solve this?

I’m on Windows 10 and Thunderbird 52.9.1 (32-bit).

Did you install version or 2.06? The former is for TB 60+, while the latter should work for TB 52.

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This was exactly the issue. I somehow missed that I’m not on the newest Thunderbird and have to update manually to 60. Thanks!

this worked for me:
ubuntu debian.
go to: add and remove software
search thunderbird,
dutch language package.
thunderbird 52.9