Thunderbird email reading sequence

I sort my inbox by newest at top. When I start reading emails I start at the bottom of the recent unread emails, i.e. the first of the unreads near the top of the list. If I read and delete it I would like to move up the list to the next unread message. Instead, TBird moves down the list to the message I have already read. I would like the option to have a setting to tell it the direction I want to move. I saw an old Add on that did that but it does not work in current versions. Can we have 60.0 provide that option?

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I’m interested too! :smiley:

Does this suggestion work for you?

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Yes for me, thx! ! ! !

Perfect. Thanx so much. I’m surprised this isn’t just an option listed under Tools/Options/Display/Advanced. My suggestion is that it be added.
But I am good for now.