Thunderbird freeze

(raymond lombardi) #1

I’m trying to use Mozilla Thunderbird, and I’m using jaws 16.0.4474 64-bit on a windows 10 anniversary update 64-bit version.

And every time I open thunderbird it doesn’t show the system intergration right in the first thing of the windows focus.

I had to move around and find it so is there a way that you can make it where when thunderbird is up for the first time, it will have that windows right in focus.

My name is Raymond Lombardi

(Vseerror) #2

System integration prompt should only appear the very first time you start Thunderbird. If that first dialog isn’t accessible then please file a bug report

(Vseerror) #3

(reported as )

(Alnccrawford) #4

My Thunderbird which was my favorite email tool freezes every time I try to look at emails downloaded from
I’m running 10.11.6 but had the same problem with 10.7.5 I think it was.
THe problem seemed to occur when I downloaded MacKeeper or maybe when some guys saying they were Apple support accessed my computer.
Apple has been trying to fix the problem [among other things] for about 25 hours and one suggestion was to install el Capitan but so far that has’t fixed it. it is an old mac about late 2009. I have deleted MacKeeper and the other interference.
THis problem does not occur using Mail.
Firefox screen grab is too difficult so will use grab

(Vseerror) #5

Being on a Mac, your issue is not likely to be the same as Ray’s.

Start Mac in safe mode
Still In Mac safe mode, start thunderbird in safe mode

Problem gone?