Thunderbird 'freezes' when typing in an email address

I’m sure this has something to do with IMAP/LDAP settings perhaps, but every time I go to type in an email address Thunderbird hangs up for about 3-5 seconds. It hangs while typing the address, then after I finish as well for a few seconds.

I am using a corporate LDAP server, i’m guessing it’s constantly checking the server for matches on the partial address I am typing. Perhaps there is a way to turn off address checking till I am done with the email address or addresses and only use local addresses?

Using version 60.8 on Win10 64.

The only add-on or plugin I have is Lightning.

Tools > options > composition > addressing > uncheck “directory server”

I was hoping there would be a way to have it use the directory server less aggressively. Perhaps a “check names” button.

You can check addresses in the addressbook interface.

Another performance workaround is copy frequently used addresses from ldap to (local) personal addressbook. (I do this, but not for performance reasons)

You also might get some relief by reducing the default size of the query result.

Unfortunately, I’ve turned off ALL of the address book (corporate ldap, local, etc.) and Thunderbird still freezes after typing 3 characters of an email address for about 5 seconds. It’s very frustrating. This just started today it seems. I’ve restarted Thunderbird as well. not sure what’s causing the freeze since it shouldn’t be checking local or remote directories. I just want to be able to type an email address from memory without it freezing for 5+ seconds.

I have the same issue, which just started recently. I am at 60.9.0. Any insights out there?

Same here since the 91.3 update…

I am struggling with the same issue. It has been getting progressively worse over the last few months. Thunderbird is not at time unusable and it is the default mail client for our office. We do support emails, so this is a real problem for us. It is impacting how we work and frustrating our staff enormously.

I have scoured the web looking for solutions, tried many, including the above none with any success.

Can anyone on the Mozilla team recommend appropriate trouble shooting for this? I do NOT want my support staff going to Outlook, but we are finding we cannot work this way.

I suspect my AD is misbehaving which is why I was very excited to see this option. Unfortunately it makes no difference at all.

Is there a newer thread that relates to this somewhere I am missing?