Thunderbird Problem

Something has happened with Thunderbird on my system that I cannot figure out and fix.

When I open TB it accesses by ISP email client and applies message filters that I have set up. Apparently during that filter processing, it hits an error and returns this message: “The messages could not be filtered to folder ‘Deleted on’ because adding a message to it failed. Verify that the folder is displaying properly or try to repair it from the folder properties.”

TB is completely hung up after displaying this message. Clicking the X in the upper right corner or clicking OK in the message causes the message to briefly disappear from the screen but it returns immediately - less than an eye blink. I cannot click any other option.

The instruction, " Verify that the folder is displaying properly or try to repair it from the folder properties" is moot because I cannot do anything else within TB and those folders are not visible to Windows File Manager. I believe, therefore, that the problem lies within the Profile, but I cannot confirm that.

Can anyone point me to wiki that will get me through this? I’ve done everything I can think of including uninstalling, downloading a fresh copy and reinstalling TB. I’ve rebooted and whistled “Dixie” whilst spitting nickels. None of that worked.


If you disconnect from the internet, so it cannot download and filter new messages, does it still give that error? If not, can you then check and repair that folder?


pop account? or imap?

For reasons unknown to me, and without further effort on my part, the issue resolved itself. I might have disconnected and reconnected to the Internet, but I didn’t relate the event with the issue disappearing. I have not changed the message filters nor did I do anything to address the folders.

Who knows?