Thunderbird - suggestion to add new option in settings to hide "Toggle Message Pane" pernamently

Dear Thunderbird Community,

I have suggestion for Developers to make new option in settings to hide “Toggle Message Pane” pernamently.

If I wan’t to read message after click in the tittle of message I always hide this “Toggle Message Pane”. I am using to do this F8 key.

You can read about keyboard shourtcuts here so you can find that F8 key is for do this and this work fine:

You probably now thinking why I have suggestion to you make new option in settings to hide this message panel? Because even if I hide it sometimes this unhide itself and I must every time to use F8 key to hide it. Sometimes I can’t remeber what key is for to this and I must find this information on the internet.

So my suggestion is to make option to hide this message panel view in settings configuration in Thunderbird.

This will be very helpful for me and other users who don’t want to use this “Toggle Message Pane”.

I hope that you will do this new option in settings.


The message pane shouldn’t unhide without manual intervention, but if it does, try deleting session.json from the profile folder, while TB is closed. This file stores the window layout, and is automatically recreated when TB restarts.