🆕 Tip: Quickly navigate the browser toolbar with the keyboard

Since Firefox 70, the browser toolbars have gained a quick find feature so that everyone using a keyboard can quickly get to where they need to be.

To try this:

  1. Press CTRL+L to focus the address field.
  2. Press Tab once so you are focused on a button, not inside a text field.
  3. Start typing, for example the letter f. Notice that focus jumps straight to the Firefox Account button.
  4. If you type f again, and have the Facebook Account Container add-on installed, focus will now move to that button.
  5. If you quickly type a different letter, like typing an a straight after the f from step 3, you will jump straight directly to the Facebook Account Container button.
  6. If you pause for more than half a second, then start typing again, the search is cleared, and you can start fresh from where you are now. S might, for example, take you straight to the Save To Pocket button.
  7. F6 will always take you quickly back to the main document so you can continue navigating there.

:spiral_notepad: Note: You can always use left and right arrow keys while in a toolbar to navigate left and right through the current toolbar section. Use tab or shift-tab to move to the next orprevious toolbar section, and arrow keys left and right to explore the buttons there. This has been in Firefox since version 67.

Happy browsing!