To the Moz Community Innings!

(Sukhmani) #1

To the Moz Community Innings!

Hello everyone! Hopefully many of you would remember meeting/seeing me at the Mozilla India Community meet up last year, if not so then you can also catch up on the youtube video here

I am hoping this short note finds you all well and I am equally looking forward to know you all well. I am based out of Delhi and working with Haiyya, you can checkout our Facebook Page where we constantly share about our work, issues we work on and campaigns. I am leading and shaping Haiyya’s Training and Grassroots wing, working on multiple projects and interacting with Diverse communities and excited to connect back with Mozillians. It has been a learning experience to see power of people coming together, individuals growing, teams flourishing an accomplishing bigger goals.
Mozilla India is a great community with excellent ideas. It will be a deep-dive of experiences and learning for me as well and I would love to support this community to grow further, take the next step and accomplish what it wants to. I have been moved by the strong values of Mozillians to be diverse, inclusive and act along towards making web as an open resource and align strongly with the value of transparency.

There are a bunch of things, I am looking forward to getting engaged with the Mozilla Indian Community:

  • I want to work towards co-creating a space to facilitate innovation and smarter implementation of ideas
  • I am excited to work towards bringing in more ideas to the table and pave ways for initiating and executing the key ideas.
  • Along with you, I would be planning some online activities (remote) to be in constant touch and community spaces to interact with each other, get more ideas on table, co-create plans to support you work

From my work at Haiyya, I have picked up skills and expertise on working with communities, so something that I will bring along would be:

  • Skills to build and share your story to inspire others to take action, this will help Mozillians to build their narratives of web as an open source and contributing to open source
  • Skills to build and maintain strong relationship with each other as a community through a mix of activities
  • Making working in teams more effective through some tools around interest, values and commitment
  • Empowering and support Mozillians to take leadership in their teams, geographies and other groups
  • Creating effective systems in teams and groups to operate well including but not limiting to effective communication channels, documentation and sharing stories

And in order to do all of this, I need your support. You can look at my detailed Road map
here and our SOW to support Indian Community here. In coming weeks I will connect with Indian Community. I am available on Telegram @Sukhmani or via email at

That is not all, I am an avid reader of fiction, thriller and poetry and love to experiment with cooking in my free time. My love for Tea and Bhangra (Punjabi Dance) is endless and keeps me going!


Update: What Haiyya has been working on?
(Akshay) #2

Access denied.

An ideal permission would be “Anyone with the link can view”.

(Sukhmani) #3

Updated the settings, anyone can comment

(Akshay) #4

It isn’t clear whether this is an actual space online or an abstract idea.

Roadmap looks cool. All the best.

(Shagufta Methwani) #5

As far as I can understand, it’s an abstract idea.

(Jafar Muhammed) #6

After a public tweet, a couple of Telegram messages and a week+ days of Under Maintenance period, is still live with an unfair bug.

You have been clearly notified that your website is affected by a little vulnerability. You took your site down more than a week to remove that, and sadly it is back with the same attribute.

Would you consider to remove this meta property="og:description" content="" from your website? This meta description contains a link to a porn website’s video. This issue is crucial when it related our community.

Here is an example. A Mozillian shares your website link via any social channels, and everyone can clearly see
I wish none of the community members is comfortable to share our Community Supporter’s website link which has a direct link to a porn site.

Mozilla India is one of the big developer communities, and if you can’t fix such critical yet elementary subjects, both Mozilla India and Haiyya will have a reasonable difference in our shared voice.

If you need support from an external developer, I am sure many community members will be more happy to help you.