TP-Link Kasa compatibility

The supported hardware page lists TP-Link (Kasa) devices as compatible ( It is my understanding that this is no longer true, as TP-Link has locked out all but officially approved systems.

I see Home Assistant no longer supports Kasa devices (

Does WebThings support current Kasa devices?

If not, what other WiFi compatible plugs from the supported list can actually be trusted to be supported?

I have a bunch of Kasa devices (plugs and bulbs) in my WebThings system. I just added a new bulb this weekend. They work pretty well.

Occasionally, they’ll lose connectivity (after a wifi or power outage usually) and I’ll need to remove/re-add them to get them to re-connect.

The issue is that the gateway is back before the device, restarting the gw bring the device back so probably something to work on that way!