Tradfri on/off Switch with dimmable Lights


i´m new to Mozilla IOT and i´m very happy with this. But there is a question about the Ikea Tradfri Switches.

I connected the switch as a thing and also the light. So now i added a rule for on and another rule for off. But how can i dimm the lights? I can´t find any solution so far? In ioBroker it was easy possible, so i was wondering why i can´t find it here.

Can you please help me.
Regards Luca

Assuming they have a brightness property, you can set the brightness as a rule output.

I’ve encountered the same issue @lu_bega, did you manage to solve this?

@mstegeman They have a level property,

and the bulbs have a brightness property,

but I can’t see a way to connect the level from the dimmer to the brightness of the bulb, unless I do some sort of one rule per percentage which doesn’t seem to be the way to solve this problem.

For those that like me ended up in this thread, this seems to be an open issue since 26th March 2018 related to linking properties between Things

I’m afraid that it is a separate rule per percentage. I’ve always wanted better but never got deep enough into to the rules engine code to work out how to improve.
From my perspective, the issue is designing and implementing the web-front-end rather than the back end linkages

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Good to know this would be more of a FE problem, I can contribute to that! I’ll see if I can pair up with the topic and propose a PR