Translate.Next Release

Hi folks!

I’m happy to announce that we are getting very close to releasing Translate.Next. We’re going to do that slowly, enabling it for just some users at first, and increasing the percentage over time if no issues are found.

There will be an official communication with more details in our blog very soon, and this topic will serve to collect feedback for those of you who enjoy using discourse. :slight_smile:

We can also make it a place to celebrate the long-awaited (at least for us Pontoon developers :stuck_out_tongue:) release of Translate.Next.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new translate page!


And the blog post is live!


Yay - congratulations on reaching this milestone!

And thank you so much for all the work you guys put into this!

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Yes, I would like to use the new pontoon interface ( Translate.Next) as soon as it is launched.
thank you

Hi @slimane.amiri , I’d recommend you don’t put your email in a public place like this one, otherwise you open yourself to being sent a lot of spams. Please edit your comment to remove the email, and instead contact Matjaz or myself privately (here, on IRC, by email, you choose). We will add you when we start the release process tomorrow. Thanks!

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It’s done, thank you for the precious advice.

Did I forget to mention here that we did enable Translate.Next for 10% of all users visiting Pontoon? Woops! Well, here we are. Everything seems to be working well so far, so I’m hoping to increase that number to 30% on Monday.

Quick update: we now serve Translate.Next to 30% of Pontoon population.

Everything is going according to the plan for now. We didn’t get any bug reports since initial roll-out to 10% of users.


Heya hello!

I’m one of those who already have the Translate.Next as of yesterday. And not complaining here, I actually like it!! I’m just wondering, when I’m accessing it and logged in on Fenix (on Android), it looks like I’m still on the classic UI. Is this possible? And on desktop Firefox, I’m getting the Translate.Next UI? Not sure if this is a bug or expected while the rollout is ongoing?

Hey @ronxronquillo, yes, this is absolutely expected. Our algorithm doesn’t look at “users” but at “requests”, meaning that it will send different results for different browsers, and thus for different devices as well. You could have Translate.Next active in Firefox Preview on your smartphone and inactive in Firefox Release on the same phone. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Everything is going very smoothly for now, and we have thus changed our flag to serve Translate.Next to 50% of users. If nothing comes up, we’ll go for 100% on Monday!

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:fireworks: :champagne: Translate.Next is on for everyone as of now! :clinking_glasses: :partying_face:

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