Translating a tutorial into french + validation?

Hi folks ! I’m Stéphane from Lodève, south of France. I’m new to MDN. I needed a french version of CSS First Steps tutorial, there was none, so i spent the first few days of this year to come on this task, had great fun. I quite completed that job. So i’d like to speak with some home folks to finish properly the job, fix some links in the doc, get some feedback, remarks, adapt some illustrative pictures to turn them into french, and then publish the work to make it world wide available !

Happy new year,



Hi @smeden-lod! Thanks for diving in and translating that tutorial. I’m sure @sphinx_knight would be happy to do a review.

Bonsoir Stéphane,

Thanks a lot for completing this translation :slight_smile: I’ll review it and I’ll send you my feedback :slight_smile:

Julien / Sphinx

Hi. I’m psyched to be able to contribute, waiting for advices and review.

Stef Meden

TL;DR: great work! :slight_smile:

I reviewed and sent you quick notes via email, the most important feedback being: do not hesitate to translate links when the French counterpart exists.

I’ll review the other pages in the coming days.

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