Translation problems

want to become the language translator of Mozilla projects as I see many of the translations aren’t regularly updated and there are many grammar mistakes in its Nepali languages projects. I really wanna experience these great projects in my own language

I can definitely help you get onboarded. Is there a specific project you have in mind?
You can reach out directly to me: delphine at mozilla dot com
Or in Direct message here.

All the Mozilla projects in the Nepali language have grammar issues and language vandalisms and no one is reviewing them. All they want is just to do translation whatever they want. Many of them just translate the string on google and copy-paste them but with google translation, the emotion or the context of the string can’t be translated. so I want you to make me the new approver of the each and every project of Nepali translation so that I can make the big project like Mozilla in my own language.
For your kind information, I have translated the entire MX Player’s Nepali Language and people are thanking me for making an awesome translation and the Nepali Language is the most updated language in MX player after English(Because of the basic language of the application)

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll reach out to you by email about this matter.

Please make it faster as I am very excited to translate into my own language and tell now if I am eligible so that I keep my excitement with myself.
Just make me an approver of Nepali Language and I will make 100% error-free translation within a month. I bet you.

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