Tree Style Tabs

While I find Tab Center very useful, the extension Tree Style Tabs is even more so. I’m not trying to advertise or anything like that, I just think you (the devs) could look at this add-on and implement a similar way of handling tabs. I like the idea of vertical tabs, but there shouldn’t be any scrolling necessary. Where Tab Center is better is mainly ease of use and fluidity. So please, devs, could you add some new features instead of just fixing bugs? Thank you for your attention.


I’m torn, because I’m totally with you in the Tree-Style Tabs love. It’s a fantastic extension.

However, if the Tab Center team has a lot of bugs on their plate that they haven’t nailed down with the, frankly, small feature set it currently has, there’s no way they’ll be able to add proper and full, bug-free tree style tab support. A project has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is often a “we have a lot of bugs to fix before we get to 1.0” place.

As a software developer, I focus on the core functionality of my software and make sure it’s nailed down before tacking on additional features. The Tab Center team needs time before they can add more features.

That said, I’d be happy with some sort of “thanks for your feedback, we think X or Y is a good idea and it’s on our roadmap”; any sort of communication that indicates that our concern is noted.

I’d be happy, for now, if it correctly worked with Vimperator. But that’s another issue for another topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with this idea. Furthermore, I think, it will be great if the address bar is also made scrolled to the side (better if they are all hidden to the side), so that the page would be really “full screen”… :slightly_smiling:

Couldn’t agree more with you @zig There’s a lot work that goes into just a single bug, not to think about completely shifting tabs around.

Thank you good people!

i would suggest that close button should appear in left (as in new tab button) instead of left as to close a tab have to move all the way through tab heading


Yes, I agree with you.

Your concern is noted. :wink:

I also think Tree-Style Tabs is a great extension, and heartily recommend it for people who want a tree of tabs down the side. Tab Center, on the other hand, is more focused at less advanced people. (And I mean that without any sense of snobbiness! Most people don’t care about the hierarchy of their tabs, and for those who do, Tree-Style Tabs is perfect.)

We are adding some features, but not too many at this point. And the eventual goal is to get more of the stuff from this mockup in. (Although as we get feedback from the people who use it, that mockup gets less and less relevant. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Oh, one final note: We aren’t going to put the close button on the left because it would make it a little too easy to accidentally close a tab when you wanted to select it. I know it’s kinda hard to close tabs now, but I think that’s better than closing stuff you didn’t mean to.


Completely agree on the hierarchical tree-style tab requests.
I would prefer this be natively supported by firefox than requiring an extension that periodically breaks and gets out of sync with firefox releases.
If it were part of the main line, it would always work and not be reliant on other developers to update after breaking APIs go into firefox.
Regarding the “more advanced users” comment. The hierarchical/tree option should be a toggle option. This maximizes code re-use and eliminates the need to have a completely separate plugin just to add the nested hierarchy to vertical tabs.


After using Tree Style Tabs (TST) for a few years I’m now using Tab Tree since a few months ago. For me it seems more stable.

Still I think TST is way better than Tab Center, in that it supports nesting, collapsing etc.

Oh, and Tab Center is still better than tabs on top, but if it is to become a default option I’d really recommend fixing the layout so it won’t move the Awesomebar around every time it slides out.


Hmm… The Awesomebar shouldn’t move when the sidebar slides out. Can you send me a screen recording of that so that I can try to see what’s going one? (email bwinton at Thanks!

I also desire the TST like feature.

What I really want is a browsing environment with Firefox which has TST like feature even after the legacy addons are disabled. It means adding TST like feature to Tab Center is one of the possibility of that environment.

I also hope progress of Web Extension Sidebar API which might enable developers to implement TST like addons.


I only miss a support for child tabs and an the function to collapse. If a Group Manager like “Tab Groups” will get a part of Tab Center its a real jackpot.

For me (and a couple of friends I have introduced to it) Tree Style Tabs is the only reason I have not switched to another browser yet. Grouping and collapsing groups of tabs has almost become a necessity for my workflow. Of course I suffer from tabitis and these features might not be needed by everyone, however I also believe that the developers should at least aim to implement such features in the future.