Trending Themes?

I have a silly question but what exactly is a Trending Theme? Right now there are 7 trending themes that have 0 users and 7 that have 1.

Hi @MaDonnasPersonas, thanks for bringing this up! Add-ons get selected to show up in “trending” based on gains in the number of users over the last few weeks. If only a few themes gain popularity, add-ons with smaller user counts may also show up there.

Currently, the same formula for “trending” applies to both themes and extensions." We talked about it this afternoon and generally agreed that we should tweak the formula for trending themes. :slight_smile: Preventing themes with 0 users from showing up in “trending” is on the list of things we’d like to change.

Once we have an issue filed on Github, I’ll link it here so folks can track the changes.

Sounds like a plan…thanks!

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Here’s a link to the issue.

As of today Trending has 8 1 users and 8 0 users.