Triage 2015-02-19

Hi all,

Sorry for dropping the ball on meetings. It seems like we’ve been making some progress again.

If you can, please make it to the meeting tomorrow (today depending on when you’re reading this!) - this will be partly triage, partly stand-up.

If you can’t make it, please answer ASAP (preferably before the meeting) what you got done, what you plan on getting done and what’s blocking you.

Meeting is at 12pm EST/5pm UTC and we meet in #communityit and on vidyo -

Couldn’t make it, sorry.

I can’t entirely remember when the meeting before this was, but I think a number of things have happened on the Discourse plugins front since then.

First of all, Mozillians and Bugzilla integration has been deployed to production (and we wrote a blogpost about it)!

Secondly, @yousef and I have started work on a statistics plugin. It’s currently in two repos, one for the plugin itself and one for the frontend. The next step is to combine the two into one.

The only other thing I can remember is Mozillians API v2 being pushed to staging: bug 1011209.