Troubleshoot requests that don't seem to complete

I am hitting a rare issue where some requests don’t seem to complete (uploading files).

Unsure if the issue is at network level or in the JS code of the website I am using.

What is the best way to troubleshoot those requests?

In the Web Developer tools there’s nothing under the Timing section.


Hi Jerome,
this looks like a bug. The best way to fix it is filing a bug in our bug tracker (Bugzilla). Here is a link that points to the right product and component in the system and help you to file that bug.

The most important thing for us is being able to reproduce the problem on our machines, so please attach simple steps to reproduce (STRs) and a simple test case we can use. Thank you!


Hei honza, thanks for replying. Before I file the bug one more question.

I hit this issue regularly with this service. And files stop uploading completely even if the development tools are not active. So the issue doesn’t feel like coming from the DevTools.

What is the best way for me to find more information about what is going on under the hood? Should I use a network analyzer like wireshark or similar? Does Firefox have some tools, maybe in the developer version, that would allow me to find more information about the interaction between the browser and the site?