Troubleshooting on behalf of a contributor :)

(Rmcguigan) #1

Sorry, you do not have permission to access Please contact if you should have access.

The setup:

  1. Nda’d
  2. Part of the slack-access group
  3. has a github account added to the profile
  4. Does not have 2fAuth enabled

Does 4 keep this contributor from accessing slack? I am afraid enabling it is not an option for this person.

(Michael Kohler) #2

As far as I know 2FA is required for access groups. If it’s not possible for this person to enable GitHub 2FA, I’m afraid this won’t work.

I don’t know about the reasons why it’s not possible for this person, but would a Firefox Account be possible? As FxA supports 2FA as well, this would work as well.

(kang) #3

MFA/2FA is a security requirement for access groups and access to NDA’d data. Firefox Account would work if 2FA is enabled for example (GitHub would also be fine, with 2FA enabled)

See also:

(Rmcguigan) #4

See also: 1

Thank you for that, I am bookmarking it now.

It looks like it will not work out for the user. Are there any plans for enabling access for users without 2 Factor Authentication?

(Henrik Mitsch) #5

Hi @rmcguigan,

Slack access without 2FA is not on our roadmap.

Also Staff is required to use 2FA on Slack: We have to use LDAP+Duo MFA.
2FA is important, that’s why we also require it from Volunteers accessing Mozilla’s Slack.

Can you share the reasons why 2FA would not work out for that particular user?

Best regards,