Troubleshooting on behalf of a contributor :)

(Rmcguigan) #1

Sorry, you do not have permission to access Please contact if you should have access.

The setup:

  1. Nda’d
  2. Part of the slack-access group
  3. has a github account added to the profile
  4. Does not have 2fAuth enabled

Does 4 keep this contributor from accessing slack? I am afraid enabling it is not an option for this person.

(Michael Kohler) #2

As far as I know 2FA is required for access groups. If it’s not possible for this person to enable GitHub 2FA, I’m afraid this won’t work.

I don’t know about the reasons why it’s not possible for this person, but would a Firefox Account be possible? As FxA supports 2FA as well, this would work as well.

(kang) #3

MFA/2FA is a security requirement for access groups and access to NDA’d data. Firefox Account would work if 2FA is enabled for example (GitHub would also be fine, with 2FA enabled)

See also:

(Rmcguigan) #4

See also: 1

Thank you for that, I am bookmarking it now.

It looks like it will not work out for the user. Are there any plans for enabling access for users without 2 Factor Authentication?