Trying To Find An Add-on To Resort The Order That Thunderbird Displays Messages


When I open Thunderbird, I see this:

Subject, From, Recipient, Received, Date, Status

I’m trying to find an add-on (there might already be one, however, I don’t know what it would be called) which would allow me to re-arrange my message window in order that I might be able to change the way messages are displayed.

I own my own domain and use message forwarding, and so it would be perfect if I could place the RECIPIENT first, and everything else thereafter.

Is there such an add-on, and if so what’s it called?

I use Mozilla Thunderbird Version 102.5.1

Thank you in advance for your response to this message.

You can drag the column headings sideways to change their order. I think the change applies to that folder, but I’m not sure.
The button on the right of the headings changes what columns appear.