TypeScript generator for the browser Polyfill


I’ve created this project for generating TypeScript files using the Mozilla JSON schema files:

I’m maintaining two web-extensions using TypeScript, so my main motivation for this is to always have an up-to-date API without having to manually compare the definition files with the MDN documentation. Ideally, it would check on a daily basis for changes and notify me to build and publish a new version using just a few commands.

This is not complete yet, but the resulting code looks very promising and I have it working in the development branch of my web-extension Forget Me Not (obviously, I’m only using a limited subset of the API in this web-extension)

If there are more TypeScript web-extension developers, I’d love to see some feedback and possibly some help on getting this to a stable version.

Maybe at some point this could even be used to generate (some) mocking code for unit-tests.

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