Typesetting a community school homepage task

Hi!!! Done another task from MDN, now it is Typesetting a community school homepage

Here it is:

Want to see your criticism! Thank you! :owl:

Hi @QuebecNova

Your repo link gives a 404. Is it set to “private”?
Could you also activate “Github Pages” and post the link to it like you did for the “planet exercise”?
For this exercise it’s important to see the end product to give good feedback. :wink:


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Fixed 404.
Added files to GP.
Github Pages

Thank you! :bird:

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I see the repo now, but your GP link shows the RWD exercise.
You can activate GP for an individual repo. I seems that you use your account GP for one exercise at the time.

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Sorry for waste your time, i confused. I have a lot of finished tasks, here i mixed up two of them…
All fixed. Now you can check. Thank you!! :octopus:

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No need to be sorry. :slightly_smiling_face: Now I see your page.
I need to go to work now, but will look at your code later.

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