Ugandan English

I hereby request to create another language called Ugandan English or English(Uganda). I promise to submit the required recordings if the sentences are provided to me.

Thank you

Dear Florence,
This request sounds like an ideal opportunity for trying out the new approach to variants and accents.
Please get in contact if you would like to try this!


Hey Florence,

Thank for question.

Following our call, I have consulted with a colleague and we are unable to currently add Uganda English as a language ahead of the variant introductions.

I would like to suggest the following options that are currently available:

  1. Asking people you are working with to add their Ugandan Accents on to their profiles. For sentence collection for culturally relevant references/places using the bulk submission process via github to add these sentence to English Corpus.

  2. Assess if you could follow this approach, Meta-Transfer Learning for Code-Switched Speech Recognition for English and Chinese. You could use the both the Common Voice English dataset, Luganda dataset which you can download via the website. The metadata descriptions are available on github. You might also want enable other spoken languages in Uganda onto Common Voice to ensure it doesn’t bias towards Lugandan speakers.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


Thank You Hillary for your response. Let me try them out.