New Feature for Accent Capture + Blog post

Hey Common Voice Community

:new: We are excited to announce a new feature available for accent capture :speech_balloon:.

The new feature allows you to describe your accent on profile creation. You can either select from the current list, or self-describe as many accents as you want.

The gif below shows a demonstration of me including a description of my accent.


To support people sharing their descriptions, we have provided a description of accent as follow:

Your accent is the way you pronounce words. It can be shaped by where you have lived, which other languages you speak and lots of other factors. You can share any information you feel is relevant here.

We hope this new feature will provide a more inclusive experience for people sharing their accents.

:dizzy: We would like to thank everyone who took part in the accent capture feedback sessions and survey. Special thanks to Jedidah, Atakunda, Josh, Kathleen, and Francis.

On behalf of the Common Voice Team, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: !

If you have any feedback on this feature please feel free to share on this thread.

We are also just published a new blog called " How we’re making Common Voice even more linguistically inclusive" that provides more context to these changes.


Nice and useful feature.

Just a small issue for smartphone contributors in CV german settings profile (see pic, leaderboard visibility text is half hidden).
Maybe other language profile settings are also affected by this.


This is a great new feature! Maybe now is a good time to update the dropdown options, often they are not really complete.

I tried to understand how it works now, but there seem to be some changes. Is the Dropdown still defined in web/src/stores/demographics.ts ?

EDIT: will this feature also update the data that a user has recorded in the past?



Worx now 4 me.


Thanks for reporting this.


Thanks go out to @phirework and/or @phire for super fast reaction on the above mentioned bug.

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And another bug will be taken care of: