UK Community Call - February 2018

Happy pull your finger out month! :blush:

I plan on taking immediate action on our :uk: community priorities list. As we’re already over 10% through the year already, it’s due time for another community call.

Lets’ connect and discuss what we’re all up to, and welcome newbies into the fold.

Tentative date 22nd Feb at 19:00. :clock7:

  • Works for me
  • I’d rather another date
  • Can we do a different time

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I’ve managed to corner space at the office for that evening. Anyone in London is welcome to join me, in person. I’ll be using the internal Vidyo system which will also allow people to Skype or call in too. We’ll also have an eye on IRC and this thread, as a backup for #whenthingsgowrong.


I would really like to do this, but am still having Linux/Vidyo issues which are so irritating.

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It’s coming matey, it’s coming.

Was on an Open Leader Mentors call yesterday and the topic even came up.

You can video call me any other way and I can mirror my desktop from the office. Got a new lappie for Chrimblebob. I has technologies the now. :blush:

Again I hope to have duration kept to 30mins or under!

Draft meeting agenda:

  • what are we all up to?
  • what we need help with?
  • noteworthy upcoming dates?
  • priorities action (yes some progress!)
  • set date for next meeting
  • plan springtime get together

I encourage you to add your own points for discussion below (especially if you can’t make the call - even just to say ‘HI’)…

Also for anyone still with trouble using Vidyo, rest assured that the new MoCo wide test of Vidyo Connect (Spec Sheet PDF) comes packed with WebRTC goodness. This means we will soon not need to download an app to attend VIdyo calls. How this rollout affects Thursday is yet to be seen.

Live Vidyo link for anyone who would like to join in this open conversation.

Wahoo! Nice turn out for last night’s call. Several major takewaways:

  • look at successful efforts previously with Spread Firefox and Webmaker etc.
    • onboarding process
    • network building
    • regular open calls
  • look at current community effort in Rust and Deepspeech
    • it was noted Deepspeech community has been skyrocketing
  • focus initially on building a network online
  • improve discoverability
  • improve onboarding
  • install a mentorship program
    • those present were well up for supporting others from the community
  • set regular meet dates
  • plan a SPRINGTIME community gathering

And finally the decision was made to increase the frequency of the community online meets.

This is intended to improve access to them, and also add time to talk of… well whatever attendees want to talk about. Emphasis is on building REALationships and a longtail of improving oboarding and immediately initiating the mentoring!

So… We’re about to launch a weekly OPEN CALL each and every Thursday.