UK Community Call - September 2017

In an effort to continue the momentum created last month, I’m planning another of our monthly 30 minute conference calls.

Here’s a link to Doodle which will help me plan a time most suited, to catch the greatest number of us at once. You don’t need an account to vote on time slots which work for you. Note that each slot is around 3-4 hours and the precise time will be locked in later. If things change for you closer to the day, don’t worry, we’re super chill.

The call will only last 30 minutes. We have lives, we don’t wish to be stuck in pointless long meetings. Short, punchy, purposeful.

If you’ve been working on anything, this is a great opportunity to shout about it. If you’re a new Mozillian, or even want to check our activities out for the very first time, we’d also love to say ‘hi’ in person to welcome you. If you’re a community member who hasn’t connected for some time, don’t be shy.

Everyone is welcome!

I’ll do real brief update on where we’re at with our priorities / The Matrix. Still plenty of time to add your voice to that project, if you’re catching this sometime later. The more data we have, the more we can be assured we’re being truly representative. Even if it’s months ahead.

Get your thinking caps on to share your own quick update too. Failure or success: we genuinely want to hear about them. Have a moan and we might be able to fix it, together. This is your monthly update too.

Want something set on the call agenda, the please add it below.

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