Unable to authenticate to Googe Test Domain

(Jhayashi) #1

After the new UI, we seem to be unable to authenticate users in our test Google subdomains. We get a “We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.”

For example we’ll go to mail.google.com. Enter testuser@test.mozillafoundation.org at the prompt. At the Auth0 prompt, we enter testuser@mozillafoundation.org and password to which we normally authenticate and get in. However, now it accepts our password and we get that error. This only happens for our @mozillafoundation.org and @getpocket.com test users. The moco users can authenticate successfully.

(kang) #2

I had a look with Jen and the SAML response reports success, Auth0 reports success, though Google triggers an error. Also the SAML response has the correct test domain and test email.

Jen is going to follow up with Google just in case, though pinging @jabba as well just in case :slight_smile: