Unable to download and install my own addon from Mozilla Firefox addons

(mondegains) #1

I have created a web extension addon for Firefox and I can’t install it from the official site of Mozilla.

Link of my addon : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/paid-sites-real-time-checker/

Firefox say “can’t install a unverifed addon”. But, on the official site of Mozilla, I see this :

Where would I encounter unsigned add-ons?
Add-ons installed through the official Firefox Add-ons site go through security checks before they are published. These add-ons are verified and signed. When you install an add-on through another website, Firefox checks to make sure that the add-on is digitally signed.

So, since my addon published on Firefox addons is verified and signed automatically, why Firefox tells me that my addon is not verified when I try to install it from Firefox addons site of Mozilla ?

How to fix this strange problem ?

Thanks in advance

(Jorge) #2

It looks like some error happened when signing the file. Since it’s an old error, I suggest that you upload a new version (with a higher version number) and see if the problem repeats.

(mondegains) #3

ok thanks.

I have uploaded a new version of my module on Firefox Addons.

Edit : Thanks, it works :smiley: