Unable to pin site to Always open in Container in Nightly 57

(Alex Thompson) #1


I’ve made a new profile to test out Nightly 57 and I’m unable to pin a site to always open in a container. The context menu doesn’t appear for me when I right click after opening a container. I have the latest nightly and the addon version 2.4.1.


  1. Create new profile in Nightly and install containers experiment
  2. Open container tab and go to website
  3. Right click
  4. No option to always open in container tab appears

Expected result:
Option to open in container tab appears.


(Alex Thompson) #2

Guessing this is this bug on github: https://github.com/mozilla/testpilot-containers/issues/725

(Jkingston) #3

We just pushed the fix, this should hopefully now work :).

(Alex Thompson) #4

Thank you for following up, all back to normal now. :slight_smile:

(Aproposnix) #5

I’m having this issue right now with FF 56.0b3 (64-bit).

(Jkingston) #6

@Aproposnix what version of the extension do you have in about:support?