Unable to reclaim my domain

Error recieved from registration server: UnavailableNameReclamationPossible

Is my domain gone?

Anyone else got this message. I got this on a new installed gateway.

Hi @AddeSCO,

No your domain is not gone, this error means that the domain is unavailable for new registrations because it has already been registered, but that reclamation is possible.

If you enter your subdomain and the same email address as it was originally registered to then you should be offered the option to re-claim the domain in the gateway UI.

It will send a reclamation code to your email address which you then enter into the UI to re-claim your domain.

Does that work for you?

Hi, thanks for the answer.

No, i do not get the token by mail i am waiting for. I tried with a 1.1.0 installation on my RPI3b and a 1.2.0 install in a Debian LXC but none of them sent me any reclamation token by mail. Its possible that i have mixed up what email-adress but i dont think so.

I will try again in a while and see if i get this sorted. I miss my remote access.

Thanks again