Unable to switch extension from unlisted to listed via API

Based on what’s mentioned in the documentation related to the addons API (https://addons-server.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/api/signing.html#uploading-a-version), I understand it’s possible to switch an extension from “unlisted” to “listed”.

For example, if you submit a version as listed then the next version will be listed if you don’t specify the channel.

For additional information I’m using the NodeJS API library provided by Mozilla (https://github.com/mozilla/sign-addon/) to make the call and have been able to upload previous “unlisted” versions using it.

I’ve been doing some tests on my own with a test extension but receive an error from the server reporting “You cannot add a listed version to this addon via the API due to missing metadata. Please submit via the website”. I would prefer to submit this change using the API but have been unable to find any additional info on where to specify this metadata to be able to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on whether this metadata can be included somewhere in the extension manifest file for the extension which I am submitting or if there is some simple information to fill first for the extension inside of the “Add-on Developer Hub” that would allow submission through the API. Thanks in advance for any help!

As far as I’m aware there is currently no API for submitting all additional metadata a listed version can get. However, I think only the very first listed version doesn’t work via API, after that they should technically work, while missing the version specific information (like the source upload or changelog).

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Ok thank you for the quick reply and clarification here. I’ll go ahead and submit through the store manually and see if I’m able to update using the API thereafter.