Unavailability to report NOT-LISTED PROBLEM


On the Twitter @Mozilla are ignoring second time

Mozilla is not too big to fail

Hi @antifragile.

Not sure what you mean, how can we help?

Here is the issue:
In the Facebook page-search works

So does Twitter is NOT READING WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN about not- listed issue in the Twitter under “Paid services” and two times under the “Security”. In “Paid services” they just answered, that this is not their resposnibility
That would be nice, if Mozilla could contact someone on the Twitter, who ACTUALLY care about it

What is the problem here and how does it relate to Firefox?

seems like Firefox as well is not interested in solving the issue because it is too complicated to open the link, not talking about the e-mail in 21st century

now it is understandable?

I that that you are trying to explain that when searching for text in a webpage, the result is not highlighted.

What version number of Firefox are you using?

ONLY on the Twitter

actual version

all the versions for at least two years

I have just tried that myself and am unable to replicate the issue.

Do you have any add-ons installed in Firefox?

had two addons as esignature and adblock, both were disabled and page reloaded

that is on tweets who are loaded as scrolling, not ones appearing at the start

picture was taken from another computer with addons disabled as well

yes, at the moment of searching phrase was lower

and NOW it finds concrete word which was just on the screen

BUT DOES NOT FIND word which WAS higher with the scrolling

SOMETIMES it find and SOMETIMES do not
I really do not understand reason of this, this maybe dependable on amount which is saved in the memory
I think 16GB RAM should be enough to be saved all of it

Google Chrome and Tor Browser has the same issue, but will not report to them

If you are seeing the same issue on multiple web browsers, the problem is very unlikely to be Firefox.

AGAIN has not read what have been wrote

Different computer does not mean any sense, yes?


If I someone who is responsible about my products would have this attitude he would not work with me anymore

this is just “coincidence” that on TWO MORE computers [in total three] there is the same problem, but it is “UNLIKELY” that problem is with the Firefox:)

yes, to be understandable- 1+1+2= 4 different computers with the same issue

living on the achievements of others who has build really Great product, because of this indifference as compound interest after some years will ruin Firefox

ON FOUR computers word from the first tweet is searched after scrolling down 10 times


If there will not be message, that this will be solved, will report to the developers of other browsers- maybe for others someone will be more interested in FREE possibility to make product better

What you are seeing does not seem to linked to the Mozilla Reps outreach and contributor support program. I recommend that you raise a ticket with the Mozilla Support team at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/

Thank You!

But how to report NOT-LiSTED issue?

Maybe I don’t understand something, but THERE ARE ONLY SOLUTIONS FOR KNOWN ISSUES

looks like I found, where to report

one more time- thank You for the efforts!

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