Understanding client-side tools - Deployment

I’m reading the Deploying our app article.
Under the Testing section, in step 7 it’s written:

In our build script, npm run test is called, then you see the string && — this means “if the thing on the left succeeded (exited with zero), then do this thing on the right”. So this translates into: if the tests pass, then build the code.

but I cannot find it in the package.json file, also not here: https://github.com/remy/mdn-will-it-miss/blob/master/package.json

should I update the build field under script to be like this?
“build”: “npm run test && parcel build src/index.html”


Hello @Rafael_Green

i think so

@chrisdavidmills could you have a look here

have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rafael_Green! Yes, you are right. The build command I’ve got in my test version locally is npm run test && parcel build src/index.html, but Remy’s version isn’t right.

Do you fancy submitting a PR to him to change this?

Hi @chrisdavidmills,
PR submitted: https://github.com/remy/mdn-will-it-miss/pull/2

fabulous, thanks for your help!

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