Undo CSS declaration in CSS pane with CTRL + Z?

Hello fellow firefoxers!

Does anyone know of any possible way to undo the last CSS declaration that was made in the CSS pane in Developer tools? Across other browsers(Chrome, IE11, EDGE afaik) I notice the same behaviour; “CTRL + Z” to undo the last declaration and “CTRL + Y” to redo the latest undo.

Basically working like it does in other editors and the Style editor tab.

Is there some way to enable this in Firefox through about:config, extenstions or similar. This is really the only thing stopping me from using Firefox as my main browser to develop in, I am amazed at all the work that has been put in by the developers of Firefox to make the Developer tools have such unique functionality compared to the competitors.

I’m not sure if I am at the right place to ask this but thought I should try at least when I could not find any discussions about it.

Best regards, kmeek


This is a long-standing request and is covered by bug 773510. Unfortunately, it looks like this doesn’t have priority for the DevTools team yet.


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Any updates on this? It’s a critically important behavior