Undo last action in DevTools's Inspector

Hello! Is here any ability to undo last action in DevTools? Let’s say I deleted some DOM element or just changed some css property. How can I make a step back, i.e. undo my last action?
For example, in Chrome I can just Ctrl+Z, no matter what, how and where was changed, as soon as I focused in DevTools, my last action will be undone (a lot of steps back are available).
If there is no such feature in Firefox DevTools (I assume I just didn’t find it), how can I (or somebody more experienced in moz: community) make a feature-request?
Thank you!

Hello, how did no one reply. They have to add this CTRL + Z feature. I actually don’t know how it doesn’t exist yet.

Probably missed this post.

You can use CTRL+Z to undo somes actions you did in the “dom tree” of the inspector (called the Markup View for us).
If you delete nodes, add or update attributes it can be undone with CTRL+Z. It doesn’t seem to work if you drag and drop nodes, if you add nodes or if you edit nodes as HTML. I am not sure if this is a regression or an existing limitation. I thought we were covering more use cases than this. I will file a first bug for this issue.

Also I can see that in Chrome, the undo action is more global, and can undo changes both in the Markup View as well as in the CSS rules panels, whereas in FF DevTools, the undo is really scoped to the Markup View. We can probably file an enhancement for this.

Edit: Filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1730639 to fix the current state in the markup view and https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1730640 to make the behavior global to the whole inspector panel

Undo works in the Style editor, but only after you click in the editing area for the specific style sheet where you want to undo the last edit. Otherwise, that editor is not made aware of the keyboard shortcut.