Unify wording of Teams/Locales/Languages across the application

@mathjazz I think we should discuss about which name from the three will be suitable for this bug

Pontoon uses three different terms to describe the same thing across the application:

  • Team (e.g. in the main menu)
  • Locale (e.g. in the Locales tab)
  • Langauge (e.g. in the table header on the /teams page)

We should unify that.

On l10n.m.o, I’ve used Team as a group of people, working possible on multiple locale codes, but effectively the same Language.

If I understand correctly, there’s a difference between language (“Spanish”) and a locale (“es-ES”, “es-MX”… ). Which would mean that on Pontoon, we don’t deal with languages but only with locales. And as far as I can tell, our teams always match to a single locale. So, maybe use “Locale” everywhere?

I do like the word “Team” though, as I think it is better for users to identify that they are a group of users, and not just a locale. Also, we have examples where the team is around a language and not a locale (French, for example).

Conclusion: I have no idea what we should do. :slight_smile:

Now that adrian and axel pointed out that ‘Locale’ and ‘Language’ are different terms, I found (wasn’t aware earlier) that “Locale is a broader term that includes other cultural/regional differences, such as how numbers and dates are represented” and in Pontoon we deal with locales.

I also like the word “Team” more due to the same reason @adngdb mentioned but, where it doesn’t harm you much calling team a locale group, “Team” word doesn’t fit well at places like “request new language/locale” where you don’t request a new Team but a new language/locale.

Also, having named the DB table(model) Locale in pontoon codebase, Team->Locale will be much easier and unify it more completely. So, My pick would be using Locale in place of Team or Language. :slight_smile: