Unofficial /r/Firefox discord server

I couldn’t find any other Firefox discord links that still lead to a server so I decided to create my own

Hello Reuben and welcome to the community!

As a reference, Mozilla has already an official supported synchronous chat platform over Matrix, where you can find a few rooms dedicated to Firefox where both contributors and staff are present and collaborating:

Can you help us understand the needs you have that are not covered by it? In general we want to avoid the confusion of many channels for the same purpose, specially because we worked really hard to make our matrix server a safe and welcoming space for everyone.



as someone who wanted to come back to mozilla after a decade of chrome but was having difficulties with some of the nuanced shit that mozilla was doing. discord or reddit have become the standard for forum/chat for the majority of people. I have no interest in joining some whole new chat service to fix sometthing in mozilla that shouldnt be broken to start with. especially when it seems like its broken anyway, oh well i was meaning to give chromium a shot anyway.

I decided to head on to the chat area and it seems broken too.

Is this deprecated? Is there a new place for live chat? is the new place for live chat. :grinning:

It works fine here. If you’re having trouble loading chat, try going to Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled. If that solves it, you can track down the culprit using the following article: Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems

If you’re still having trouble, we can arrange a call on zoom, and I’ll help you troubleshoot it.

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This topic should be closed since the answer is that is the official place to go for real-time chat for Mozilla.

There doesn’t need to be anything ported over to Reddit or Discord despite there already being a presence for Mozilla at both those locations (from what I can tell).

Simply because Reddit and Discord are what’s used now doesn’t mean Mozilla can’t hold their own space for communication.

People seem to forget why Firefox is open source and just like how Discourse is also open source… it’s about ethics, guys.

i have a blogging website apartytheme. on which ads are published. but in Mozilla firefox. my website isn’t working well.
is it my website problem or any error with Mozilla?

Hello, I have working on my Blog some time mozilla are error in my faceing url.kindly solve this problem