Upcoming livestream on March 14

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Wanted to share the details of our next community livestream.

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Ed Sullivan

Firefox, Android, and Cross-browser Web Extensions in 2024

Browser extensions allow you to customize your web browser to personalize your web browser to look and behave how you want. In this talk we will explore building extensions that work across multiple web browsers and operating systems and ways to overcome challenges caused by cross-browser differences.

As we walk through extension code samples, we’ll discuss the motivations for our design decisions and provide guidance for building robust, cross-browser, cross-platform extensions. We cover several aspects of reliable extension design including background scripts, user interaction, host permissions and manifest version 2/3 in Firefox and Chrome. After this talk, you will be able to build browser extensions for Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Chrome.

Join us for our live stream on Thursday, March 14 at noon EST below.

Additional information

Presentation (50 mins)
Q&A (10 mins)

Simeon Vincent, Senior Developer Relations Engineer

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Hey, that’s me! I’m looking forward to sharing some tips and tricks with you all about cross-browser extension development :slight_smile: