Update about the Mozilla India community restructuring

(Subhashish Panigrahi) #1

Dear Mozillians,

It has been long since the provisional meta team has shared any updates with you. While I apologize on behalf of the team for the long delay, I am writing to all of you to share a few updates. We had a remote meeting recently and there are a few things we request you to share your inputs on.

We had identified a few areas of improvement and are proposing some possible ways to better them:

  1. The restructuring process has been long for multiple reasons, and we want to bring this to an end and move ahead with some activities.

  2. Some of the functional and/or focus teams no longer seem to be valid. The earlier proposed restructured team functions need to be simplified to many common Mozillians without changing much of the structure. To simplify this we are thinking of dividing all the activities into three major areas (see the next section “In details” for details):
    a) Build the web - Technical side of Mozilla for technical contributors
    b) Teach the Web - Web Literacy
    c) Protect the Web - Advocacy

  3. The current provisional meta team needs to graduate to an actual meta team. While some team members will remain part of the new meta team, other Mozillians from India that are currently not part of the team can sign up here.

  4. The current wiki for the restructuring process looks less actionable, lack in design perspectives, and is unable to activate anyone new and needs simplification and a new platform. At the same time, our website at mozillaindia.org has slowly become outdated. To solve both these at once, we can have a new version of our website with the simplified structure as the face of it. Akshay has already started a beta version of this at http://beta.mozillaindia.org (please check here if the previous link is not working)

  • There might be many Mozillians that are still not aware about the new structure and what role they can play in it. The meta team will meet at least once in a month, and will be available on a public office hour so that anyone can join and ask questions and learn how the community is going ahead

  • There is no regular communications or updates from the Meta team. A brief monthly newsletter will be compiled by the meta team and will be published on the Mozilla India portal, and will be reposted on Discourse and mailing list. The newsletter will be collaboratively created by the community and/or the larger community will be involved in harvesting the news items.

  • Mozilla India blogs will be reposted on Discourse and the India community mailing list.

In details:

Simplification of the restructured community:

  1. Build the Web - Technical Side of Mozilla

Goal: Get technical people working on Mozilla stuff.

Method: 1. Do technical things yourself 2. Search out technical people to do technical things.

  1. Teach the Web - Web Literacy

    [easy] Web Literacy - run teaching events or start Web Literacy Mozilla Clubs - learning.mozilla.org, learning.mozilla.org/en-US/clubs

  2. Protect the Web - Advocacy

    Privacy Task Force - teach about privacy

This mail is collaboratively written by the Mozilla India Provisional Meta team. Team members are (alphabetically) Akshay S Dinesh, Deepak Upendra, Dyvik Chenna, Prathamesh Chavan, Subhashish Panigrahi (Staff, MoCo), Sumanth Damarla and Vnisha Srivastav.

We thank George Roter (Staff, MoCo), Kaustav Das Modak, Soumya Deb and Vineel Reddy Pindi who have been part of this team in the past, have helped build the foundation, and have guided.