Update add-on for thunderbird-60.3

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I’d like to update my add-on (Lightning QR-Code Add-on) to make it work with thunderbird-60.3.1 but even after searching for quite some time I haven’t really got a clue what changed and what should still work. Some add-ons should work, some should not. I tried the new version when it appeared a few weeks ago, but half of my add-ons haven’t been working at that time any more, even when forcing them to activate.

Where can I find information about these changes? Are there any guides for migration (especially for thunderbird!) for developers, e.g. about which parts of the API are still supported, what is deprecated, which parts of the Firefox WebExtension APIs are supported by thunderbird-60.3.1?

(Walt) #2

Are these any help?



(Harald Judt) #3

Yes thanks, those links are helpful. Seems like those migrations mean quite some work. I’ll probably wait a bit until that has stabilized. Maybe I delay my porting efforts until 63 or 68 are available, hopefully providing more WebExtension APIs, staying at 52.9 for the time being.

(Vseerror) #4

It may not be necessary to wait.

Let’s be specific - which addons are you talking about?

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Thanks, my add-on is this:

It is a bootstrapped add-on using inline options and the following


It extends the Lightning Calendar Add-on DOM to show tooltips with qr
codes for events.


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glad to see you got updated

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Thanks. One other problem I have now is that I can’t create an account
for login to discourse@mozilla-community.org. Do you know who I could
contact to solve this? I don’t want to setup a 2-factor auth but am
forced to do so because I clicked on a wrong button last time I tried to